Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

A beautiful house is less beautiful on it’s own, from art to furniture to décor, carefully staged homes are more beautiful than unstaged homes! Its not just in the eye of the beholder, in fact, it allows potential buyers to really see details that they may not notice with furniture in the house, however, that doesn’t mean that they can see how to make the beautiful house a home!

Home staging helps with that! It allows potential buyers to envision themselves sitting at the counter, relaxing on the couch by the fire, or enjoying a warm bath after a long day.

Show Some Love

Are you choosing to stay home this year for Valentine’s Day, but want to make sure the atmosphere is perfect? Our interior designers can help! Give us a call and let them help you set the table for a Valentine’s Day your loved one won’t be able to stop talking about!
If your home is going up on the market soon or is already on the market, don’t forget to show it some Love this Valentine’s day and get your home staged. Your house and your wallet will feel the love by selling it in less time and for more money than a comparable unstaged house. If you want to really impress your valentine ask our interior designers to make over the whole house! Why not enjoy the home you have designed rather than sell it? Either way, we are there to help you out!
Call us at 312-450-8365 or email to schedule your free consultation and put your heart into a freshly staged and designed home.