When you hear of home staging people often think of someone coming in, moving furniture around, maybe adding or taking away a few decorations, and calling it a day!  However, home staging is SO much more than that!

One of the many extras we offer at Phoenix Rising is consulting on additional finishes or paint colors that can enhance a home’s appearance. The paint color in your home is one low-cost, but very effective way, to showcase your home.  When someone enters a house they’re thinking of purchasing, they want to feel comfortable!  You may love the yellow paint in the living room, deep red paint in your bedroom, and the sky blue walls of your office – but that doesn’t mean that everyone has the same taste as you do…and you don’t want to exclude people, simply because of paint, when it comes to selling your house!

These bold colors distract a potential home buyer from having the ability to see themselves in the house.  A potential buyer wants to walk in and feel at home!  Keeping the paint on the wall neutral will help with that!  The wall color becomes a non-issue and the potential buyer can focus on what’s really important!

Already have neutral color paint on your walls?  That doesn’t mean you can now ignore them!  A new coat of paint can also transform the room to make it feel cleaner and fresher!

Don’t ignore the outside spaces too!  Fresh paint on the door, stain on your deck, or fences also make a house more appealing to a potential buyer!

Phoenix Rising Home Staging has interior designers on staff with more than 75 years of combined experience.  We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS in your home to work with you and give you recommendations on what paint color or combination of colors would make your space most appealing to buyers.