Lived In

On cold winter days, a casual blanket laying around neatly, lamps used to light the room instead of a ceiling lamp, and warm hues all make a home feel more cozy. This is just the feeling you’re going for when it comes to home staging.
Give us a call today…we’ll use all these tricks, and more, to make sure your home feel just right for a family looking to buy.

Have Something New?

New construction homes are enticing to people who are looking for a move in ready home and those who don’t want to have to worry about maintenance or making a lot of changes. However, and empty house can be hard to imagine furniture and decorations in a home that has never had any in it!

Phoenix Rising can help! Give us a call and we’ll make any house look like a home welcome for any and all potential buyers. Whether you have a model townhouse or condo, a completely rehabbed home, or a newly built subdivision, our team will help showcase your property, get it ready for the market, and turn ‘cold and empty’ into warm and inviting.

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