Winter has arrived! Those cold temperatures, the snow, and of course, the wind!

Imaging having a long day, fighting the cold, but coming home to this! A nice cozy bathroom and a nice warm bath!

That imagination is the key to home staging, you plant the seed in their imagination of how a room is used. Empty walls and vacant spaces are hard for imaginations to fill and home staging does all of that for us. Spare bedrooms become children’s bedrooms or home offices. A large empty room becomes a living room.

We pride ourselves at making our staged properties warm and inviting, but here is a little trick you can do to help. With the cold and wet weather back in the forecast – it’s important to remember that you need to make some changes on the inside of your house when a home buyer is coming to look at it!

People want to walk in and feel that blast of heat. It makes them feel like your house is warm and inviting when looking at homes during the winter months. Consider setting your thermostat to 72 degrees to make sure your potential buyer feels warm enough to stay long enough to put in that offer!

Much of what home staging does is about helping a potential buyer feel at ease in someone elses’ home. By making sure your property is staged by the best and you leave the heat on, you can warm up your home on the market and keep it from freezing in the slower winter real estate market.

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