Hiring a Phoenix Rising Home Staging vs. Do-It-Yourself Staging?

You’ve seen enough shows on HGTV to know that you need to stage your house to sell it for top dollar. First, add a fruit basket to the kitchen, tidy, and add a piece of art. Second, maybe shake out the rugs, take down the pictures of the kids, and dog. Finally, remove that poster from 1998. Easy, done, home staged! Naturally, it sounds easy and looks easy. Normally, there is far more effort, knowledge, and resources that go into staging a home in Chicago. Let the home stagers from Phoenix Rising Home Staging take the stress off your shoulders!

Inventory and Resources

Phoenix Rising Home Staging has access to the largest warehouse and inventory of any staging company in Illinois. Our selection furniture, accessories, art, and rugs is massive. The inventory is constantly being updated with the most contemporary and cutting edge designs. Custom artwork and new accessories round out our staging arsenal. Furnishing a home from rugs to curtain rods and even throw pillows can cost thousands or tens-of-thousands dollars. By putting our warehouse to work for our staging clients, we can use the furniture we have and save them thousands. Even if we have to buy new pieces, we don’t pass that cost on. Home owners often use their existing pieces or have a limited budget to get new furniture to stage a home.

Chicago Real Estate Market Knowledge

Understanding the market and trends in design is key for a preparing a home to sell. The Phoenix Rising Home Staging team works with some of the best real estate agents in the region to stay on top of trends. This ranges from understanding how different pieces of furniture can influence the value a potential buyer sees in a property or the usage of that spare bedroom. Homeowners make use of the furniture and materials they have on-hand and often do not have the additional knowledge of how the market perceives different styles and looks.

Don’t Say Its “Cute”

Because our home stagers have years of experience as interior designers, Phoenix Rising Home Staging knows what buyers are looking for. Objectivity is a critical point in getting a home ready to sell. By maximizing a home’s features and minimizing its flaws, we can make sure that the home appeals to most buyers possible. Too often people who try to stage their own property run into the pitfalls of ‘quaint’ or ‘cute’ when such things don’t appeal to the largest groups of buyers. Let PRHS answer the question of, “is that right?” out and get your home ready to sell.

Online Appeal

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, over 90% of home buyers started their search on the internet. That means 90% of people looking for homes click through pictures on different real estate websites. Often, they are looking for properties that stand out. Phoenix Rising home stagers are used to working with agents and photographers. We get a property ready to stand out from the crowd online. With professional home staging, pictures pop out from the competition reaching more potential buyers.

With the pandemic limiting the number of showings a property might receive, make sure that your home pops out before anyone steps inside!

E-Learning Space Ideas Top 10 List

There are a lot of E-Learning Space Ideas and home office ideas to add to our material over the last few weeks. Here, we have highlighted some of the best ideas for the Chicagoland.

#10 Line It Up

Creating mutual workspaces can be a huge success for students (and adults) who are used to shared environment. Whether it is everyone in an office or everyone at the dinner table, take advantage of creating multiple user workspaces. Share supplies and help learning by creating interactive times for the ‘class’ and ‘office’ to work together.

#9 Home and Work (and School)

Whenever possible, separate work and home, and separate school and home ‘spaces’. This allows everyone in the home to have a clear mental break from the daytime business or study to evening family time.

#8 Organize

Make sure that all of the necessary supplies for either your home office or school space are available when they are needed. This includes lining up commonly used materials like notebooks, pens, paper, and digital items in easy to reach spaces and putting less commonly used items like scissors, construction paper, and index cards out of sight.

#7 Spread Out Space

Whether its a student creating the next Picasso as an art assignment or laying out a storyboard for a marketing campaign, make sure that home office and study spaces have enough room for the task at hand. If in doubt, clear off the kitchen table and spread out from there.

#6 Distractions and Action

Make sure that home office workers and students have the right amount of activity for their success. Some people thrive in being where the activity is while other do better in peace and quiet. Try to find the appropriate balance.

#5 Remove Distractions

Whether it is smartphones, TVs, our favorite shows to stream, or catching up on what friends are doing, limit the number of distractions in a home office setting or e-learning space. Even things like fidget-spinners or stretchy erasers can distract.

#4 Create Alternative Environments

Whenever possible, create alternative work or study environments. Simply moving from one room to another can break both children and adults out of the routine. If you don’t have an extra space for reading or working on something that requires deep concentration make sure to have the student or worker stretch their legs and ‘reset’ before moving to the next subject.

#3 The Desk

Creating a designated space for working or learning is key. Whether you are repurposing the kitchen table or have the luxury of a spacious home office, make sure the work area is designated and can be ‘put away’ at the end of the day.

#2 Check Power and Connectivity

Home office and e-learning space ideas sometimes forget the most important ‘physical components’ and those are power and connectivity. Both are necessary for maintaining communication with either the home office or school. Make sure to test whether the speeds are high enough for whatever activity you or your student need to complete.

#1 of Our Home Office and E-Learning Space Ideas List

Get professional help!

If you are struggling to setup a home office or distance learning space, let the professionals handle it. Phoenix Rising Home Staging designers and home stagers have decades of experience and ample resources of Contact us to discuss how we can help your home work or e-learning space.

Alternative E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Alternative e-learning spaces and home offices can help with important presentations. They afford stepping out of the routine, and sometimes just getting a little sunlight in our daily grind. Two weeks ago, we touched on two basics of minimizing distractions and choosing the right space for your space. Last week, we gave a quick rundown on organizing the workspaces. This short article covers a few different ways to step transform mundane into amazing.

Alternative E-Learning Spaces

Take advantage of schooling at home by letting your students learn anywhere. Activities like reading assignments, coloring, or even practicing for presentations let them relocate. You can let them move wherever they’d like in the home. Art and craft projects can even take place on the floor! If it is a nice day, students can even move out of doors and read or work in the backyard! As always, make sure that you can keep an eye on your learners as they take advantage of working in different spaces!

Outdoor Alternative E-Learning Spaces

Sitting outside can be a welcome break for your stuck-at-home students during the coronavirus. Illinois isn’t always known for cool summers or mild winters. The spring and fall both have plenty of pleasant days that your student can learn at home. Something as simple as a lap desk, a power outlet, and a WIFI signal can transform the patio table or three-seasons-room into a classroom. Take advantage of outdoor tables! Get your students out of the house and into the fresh air, even if recess would just involve running around the backyard.

Alternative Home Offices

Working from home can be a challenge for many. The distractions, the lack of social interactions, and of course the trap of your morning commute concluded with left the bedroom can only create problems. One of the ways to spice up working from home is to create

Power and Connectivity

Like we mentioned in last week’s article, power and connectivity are key to making a successful virtual work or study space. Always check to make sure that working or learning from home can happen. Ample power sources and decent bandwidth to your home WIFI make this a reality.

How Phoenix Rising Can Help?

Phoenix Rising Home Staging can create and prep any area, including outdoors, for use as a home office or e-learning space. Our talented home stagers and designers have experience in setting up home workspaces! Even if you aren’t selling your home, by putting together an alternative workspace we can make sure you or your student have all the tools in the right places. Contact us to discuss how we can help your home work or e-learning space.

Organizing E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Organizing e-learning spaces and home offices can turn failure into success. This short article covers two key concepts of setting up and organizing a telecommuting or e-learning space. Last week, we touched on two basics of minimizing distractions and choosing the right space for your space.

Organizing E-Learning Spaces

With a combination of traditional learning materials and virtual tools, e-learning workspaces can quickly become cluttered, messy, and sometimes sticky (paste) areas. Storing unused supplies out of sight (and sometimes out of reach) keeps students focused on task. Showing your stay-at-home student where everything goes can also help in cleaning up their workspace when it is time to change subjects or transform home classroom back to dining room. Arrange their books, supplies, and materials so they can find what they need and return it to the proper home. Schools will send out a list of materials that each class needs for the semester or year.

Where to Put It?

Bins, closets, baskets, and even shelves work for storing school supplies that aren’t in use at any one time. Keeping unused or seldom used materials tucked away makes the end of the school day clean-up a much faster process.

Organizing Home Offices

Disorganized home offices can quickly become cluttered, messy, and sometimes (hopefully less than school spaces) sticky (who hasn’t spilled some of their coffee?) areas. For many people this workspace has just been their laptop, however, with more time spent in home offices other office trappings have made their way home. Now, workers need to consider their calendars, notepads, pens, electronics, and reference materials at home.

Less is More

Having an overflowing pen cup, stacks of loose papers, six different notepads, tape, paintbrushes, enough sticky notes to roof a house, a laptop, and an iPhone on a desk doesn’t make it more efficient or help you get more done in your home office. Organize your desk based on what you use regularly being in easy reach. For materials that you don’t use often tuck them away.

The Workspace

This may be a table or desk. It is fine to use a table that serves multiple purposes – during meals it may be the kitchen table and at school time may transition to become the school desk. It is helpful to keep the work area clear of unrelated items so your student can spread out his or her work. Remember to include seating for both the parent and student.

Choosing the appropriate workspace or area aids in creating a successful home office or home classroom. For most households, this will be a table or desk. A desk is great, but a table can function just as well. Even the dinner table can become a school desk, transforming back for family dinners and occasions. One key concept to bear in mind is that the person working needs to be able to spread out to do their work. This doesn’t mean that doing math work needs a fifteen by five feet table to pull out a book, three folders, a pair of notebooks, a calculator, a laptop, seventeen pencils and a slide rule. It means that the person working or learning has enough room to get the job done. Sometimes, having too much space can lead to cluttering and distraction.

Power and Connectivity

When setting up either an e-learning space or home office, people have a tendency to forget both power and internet connection. Having a beautiful well-appointed home study that overlooks the perfectly manicured yard maybe great for poets and students studying from old tomes, but not so much in the world of tablets and laptops. Check that you have enough outlets for charging or powering devices. Verify that devices needing a wired connection can reach their connections. Finally,, make sure that if you are using WIFI, the signal strength is strong enough to facilitate people accessing online resources.

Up Next

Next week, we’ll cover the alternative study and work areas.

How Phoenix Rising Can Help?

By properly organizing your students’ e-learning spaces or home offices, you can help build your family up for success. Phoenix Rising Home Staging can help organize and prep an area for use. Our talented home stagers and designers have experience in setting up home workspaces! Even if you aren’t selling your home, by organizing a home’s design contents we can make sure you or your student have all the tools in the right places. Contact us to discuss how we can help your home work or e-learning space.

E-Learning Spaces and Telecommuting

Home offices and e-learning spaces have been popping up in the news with employers and school districts looking to reduce the risks of the coronavirus. This short article covers two key concepts of creating a telecommuting or e-learning space.

Home Offices and E-Learning Spaces

Home staging and design in Chicago is constantly evolving. The coronavirus pandemic has only added to the changes in styles we see year-to-year. The pandemic has created a renewed interest in working from home and drawn an eye on students learning from home. With transition to online learning and working from home, it becomes more important than ever to take advantage of spaces in your home. If you are in the process of getting your ready to sell, helping potential buyers realize how spaces can be used helps your home stand out from the competition.

Its easy to call a spare bedroom or bonus room a home office, but what can you do to with other spaces?

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the right space is key! Selecting a room or area in your home that is quiet and receives the right amount of traffic. Some people thrive in solitude and prefer an area that is not brimming with family activity. Naturally, these types of people will do better in a room that is secluded and off the beaten trail. Other people enjoy being near or connected with others, for them a space near the hubs of the home might work very well. Either way, for students, it is important that parents are able to directly supervise and instruct their learners.

Minimize Distractions

Let’s face it, we all get distracted. Be it streaming our favorite Netflix shows, checking our feeds, or staying connected on social media, all of these can steal away our focus and attention (sometimes for hours… Tiger King). When working or learning from a home office the temptation can run deep to toss on an episode of Great British Baking Show in the background, it can be helpful to minimize this by choosing a workspace without easy access to a television. Phones and tablets can be a little harder. If a student is struggling with keeping on task, sometimes limiting their access to electronics while in their learning space can help keep them focused.

Up Next

Next week, we’ll tackle the terrors of what to store and where to store it for home workspaces and school spaces. We’ll also discuss the ‘desk’ of an e-learning and telecommuting space.

How Phoenix Rising Can Help?

Balancing it all can sound challenging. It can be, but Phoenix Rising Home Staging can help. Our talented home stagers and designers have experience in setting up home workspaces! Even if you aren’t selling your home, by taking capitalizing a home’s design features we can transform almost any space into a usable home office for classes or help you get set up for the new normal of working from home. Contact us to discuss how we can help enhance your home work or e-learning space.

Contemporary Chicago Home Staging

Last week, we shared an article about a Contemporary Chicago home staging project we completed. But what does contemporary even mean? Contemporary homes gained popularity in the sixties. By the ’70s, the construction industry built this style home all over the Chicagoland area. Firstly, the architectural style embraces an aesthetic of the design, drawing attention to the design itself. Second, the style grew popular for its use of large plate glass windows, concrete, and stone on the exteriors. Third, the interiors saw focuses on different, sometimes contrasting, materials.

When Phoenix Rising home stagers go to work on a contemporary Chicago home staging project, we stage with a combination of art, accessories, furniture, and more to make the interior features stand out. First, our designers choose sleek or modern furniture. Then, they combine that with stylish art. Finally, for accessories, they choose metallic or stylized pieces with a few pops of color.

Check out the gallery below of some of our work on a contemporary condo:

Contemporary Chicago area homes benefit from our skilled designers and a large inventory of furniture and accessories. So, contact Phoenix Rising Home Staging to get started today. Don’t take our word for it though, check out what other people are saying about us on Facebook or here through our testimonials.

Home Staging Chicago Contemporary Home

Home staging in Chicago can run a gambit of properties from small condos to large mansions. The home stagers from Phoenix Rising Home Staging prepared this vacant contemporary home for sale.

First, they used a muted palette to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Muted doesn’t mean drab and dingy, though. The staging done throughout the home showcased the features of the home, including the natural light. Second, our talented designers showed off the home’s glorious natural light in the sitting room and bedrooms. Finally, with such unique architectural features, they wanted to make sure potential buyers could see how rooms could be used.

Buyers sometimes see unique as difficult. Home staging transforms a home’s features into charm and appeal. Home staging focuses the viewer’s attention on the amazing!

Finally, the muted palette, focus on features, and expert choice of accessories, furniture, and art made this home stand out from the competition. Browse through the gallery of this contemporary Chicago home below:

Home staging Chicago area homes can be tricky and time consuming. So, contact Phoenix Rising Home Staging to get started today. Don’t take our word for it though, check out what other people are saying about us!

Master Bedroom

Let’s tickle your fancy and talk about the master bedroom.
Typically and by definition, the bedroom is a place where we sleep.
Normally we sleep in a bed, but a bedroom is also multifunctional and a
room that should be designed towards romance, peacefulness, and a
room of comfort for yourself.

There are many ideas to consider while crafting the master bedroom,
but let’s talk about the “mood” you want to create for your personalized
space. Colors on the walls, fabric headboards for backdrops, and
drapery definitely breed an atmosphere of soothing, restful results or a
dramatic flare.

In particular with master bedrooms, the color on the walls is very
important. Color patterns and styles are fickle depending from year to
year, but I like to stick to a few colors that are my staples for the
bedroom. Below are some photos to view as examples. You can apply
other more vivid colors in additional areas of the house, but keep it
warm and relaxing in the master bedroom.

Painting is always the first thought, however, here is another option:
using wallpaper. As paint, wallpaper has the advantage of transforming
and changing your space. The world of wall finishes is vast and
customizable. Stay tuned and we will dive into more on colors with
painting and wallpaper. Til then….

Staged Glencoe Mansion

This staged Glencoe Mansion is one of the first properties to get revisited by our Chicagoland home staging blog. Our talented designers chose each piece and placed them to highlight this property’s features.

This mansion languished on the market for months before the owner and agent entrusted it to our home stagers. First, the team combined skill with the home’s natural features. This combination lets them showcase the beautiful windows in the living spaces. Then, they used our large inventory with their knowledge. The pieces chosen from Phoenix Rising’s inventory perfectly accented the lighting to make this home pop.

Another factor is the designer’s attention to detail. By focusing on showing the potential buyers a way to use a room, they helped the buyers visualize living in and enjoying the property.

Check out the full gallery of pictures of this staged Glencoe mansion.

All of these pictures help a property stand out from the competition in online searches. In person, they are even more exciting!

If you are looking to stage a vacant mansion or an occupied condominium, know our designers will get the job done! Check out our reviews for what other people say about our work!

Contact us or call at 312-450-8365 today to schedule a free consultation!

Staged Luxury Chicago Home

This staged luxury Chicago home is truly breathtaking. This home stuns with all the features one expects with luxury. From marble floors to chandeliers to custom cabinetry, every feature is designed to impress. With that in mind, the Phoenix Rising home stagers had a tough job.

Why was it so difficult? The luxury home is already magnificent. Exactly, because with a home already so gorgeous, every facet of designing a staged interior must be considered. Our designers pulled out all the stops to transform amazing into astounding and beautiful in exquisite.

The team did a stellar job with this staged luxury Chicago home and it sold for more money and faster than its competitors. With a property like this and Phoenix Rising’s team, it helped redefine a grand old home! Like all of our staging contracts, we worked with the agent and the owner getting this mansion under contract.

Do you love what you see? Have a luxury property in the Chicago area? Have a property you’re getting ready to sell? Getting it ready to sell? If so, contact Phoenix Rising Home Staging to get started today. Don’t take our word for it though, check out what other people are saying about us on Facebook or here through our testimonials.

Create Harmony in Your Home with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of arranging objects and space to create harmony and balance. Incorporating feng shui into your home creates positive energy flow by optimizing “Chi”. The term Feng Shui is comprised of two words: “Feng” meaning wind and “Shui” meaning water. While the principles apply to many areas of life, they are easily and commonly practiced in interior design to create harmony in your home. With all that is going on in the world today, it is even more important than ever to live in harmony. There are five important elements of feng shui:

  1. Wood = growth and creativity. Plants and wooden furniture are ways to add this element.
  2. Earth = stability and balance. Place rocks, crystal and landscape imagery to help ground your energy.
  3. Metal = logic and intelligence. Support knowledge by adding metal frames or sculptures.
  4. Water = wisdom and serenity. Mirrors and aquariums are ways to add water element to your space and helps with clarity and relaxation.
  5. Fire = Passion and energy. Using candles and red objects can enhance expansion and transformation by bringing this fire element into your space.

The Bagua Map

The tool most commonly used in feng shui home design is the bagua map. This helps guide us to identify which elements to incorporate into the space and enhance the flow. There are nine quadrants on the Bagua Map and each is associated with a color. The nine quadrants are wealth, Fame, Love, Family, Health, Children, Wisdom, Career and Helpful People. The easiest way to utilize this map is to simply divide your floor plan into a grid.

Lastly, here’s a few Feng Shui tips for creating good energy/flow:

  1. Clear the clutter. Too much mess inhibits energy from flowing and clutters your brain. A clean space gives you room to breath and a clear head.
  2. Use Crystals. Rose quartz for love and Citrine for healing and wealth.
  3. Light and Air need to be able to get in. Don’t block windows. Air is key to the meaning of feng shui. A combination of natural light and air will bring in good energy.
  4. Do not place back to the doorway. Place the bed and desk towards doorways. Facing the entrance increases power and reduces vulnerability.
  5. Add a natural element. Each room needs a houseplant. Not only do they improve the energy, they also increase health and purify the air.

Design + Creative Expression

Design + creative expression—Did you know that June is Pride month?

Many of you may or may not know that this global event was established back in 1969 as a tribute to those involved in the stonewall riots and is celebrated every June.  Living in the city of Chicago, its hard not to notice the Gay Pride Parade and its tremendous following.

On my way to a home staging consult, I couldn’t help but snap a photo of this residential development.  

This photo not only catches eyes but also gives smiles.  “The Land of Make Believe” with its whimsical decor seemed so inviting.  It made me want to open the door and walk through so I could forget the world for just a moment.  With so much uncertainty, it is even more critical that our homes provide a sense of security and self-expression.  Design is a way to create an environment that reflects your personal style. The LGBTQ community has done just that.

Being a home stylist and interior designer, I often look at the world and places around me through a different lens.  This decor spoke to me in a way that reminded me to slow down, breathe and take in what’s going on in the world right now. 

Chicago Real Producers’ Featured Article

Chicago Real Producers magazine featured Phoenix Rising Home Staging in the September 2019 issue of Chicago Real Producers magazine. We are pleased to have graced the Partner Spotlight and introduce more of the real estate community to our story, our business, and home staging.

The article highlights Phoenix Rising’s commitment to helping our real estate partners sell their listings faster and for more money. It also goes on to highlight Paul and Monika’s commitment to their everyone they work with. There are three main areas their commitment extends: their clients, their agent partners, and their staff.

For their clients, Phoenix Rising focuses on making sure that their home is presented in the best way. Second, Phoenix Rising works with agents to make sure that each property is beautifully staged for the market. Finally, Phoenix Rising is committed to helping their staff succeed today and building them up to succeed tomorrow.

Whether you are an experienced sellers’ agent, someone selling your first home, or a designer starting Phoenix Rising is the right choice for your home staging needs!

Chicago Real Producers' Featured Article Page 2. Including pictures showing home staging warehouse and design staff.

A Special Statement

At Phoenix Rising Home Staging, we recognize the coronavirus’ impact on the health and safety of our customers, employees, friends, family, neighbors, and communities. We are continuously monitoring the situation and ensuring ways to provide amazing service, eye-catching home staging, and support for our customers and friends across the area.

Phoenix Rising Home Staging will continue to address coronavirus promptly to protect our customers, staff, and community in a safe and effective manner. We have already taken the following preventative measures for health and safety concerns:

· Employees will be screened for temperatures upon arrival at our workplace.  No employee or subcontractor will be allowed in our workplace if they have a temperature. 

· The above ties in with our directive for all employees and subcontractors who is ill, suffering from a cough, feeling sick, or running a fever to stay home.

· Masks and gloves are being issued to our design and logistical staff for their day-to-day duties. 

· All furniture will receive additional cleaning before it’s installed in a home. This deep cleaning includes sanitizing hard surfaces, vacuuming of upholstered items, and the general use of a disinfectant.

While we are confident in our ability to maintain the high-level of work we provide.  We may have to respond quickly to situations that impact our employees, region, and customers and so we’d like to apologize to any service delays that might occur throughout the next several weeks.

We invite anyone with questions, comments, or concerns to contact us directly.

Highland Park historic icon listed for $850,000

“The historical society has moved its collections to the Highland Park Library, and the 12-room home has been professionally staged by Phoenix Rising to show prospective buyers how a modern family could comfortably live there.”

Phoenix Rising featured on 24/7 Chicago

Phoenix Rising in the News! Phoenix Rising’s amazing home staging services were recently featured on NBC’s award winning show 24/7 Chicago! You can find the story on their website or view it below! Catie from 24/7 City Secrets checks out the best way to get your house sold FAST with Phoenix Rising. Part 1 of 2, before the big changes!

And here is the second part of segment, showing the amazing work after the home has been staged. You can see why Phoenix Rising Home Staging is so successful in helping our clients sell their homes quickly!

Best on Thumbtack 2015 & 2016

Each year, we try to improve over the last one, adding new services, polishing our already amazing design skills, and of course helping homes sell faster and for more money. This year, we were recognized on Thumbtack for our continuing excellence! Check out our profile and more here.

Off the Market in 5 Days!

Check out the awesome property 1740 E 87th Place in Chicago! This property was staged and then under contract just 5 days later.

You can check out our Facebook page for some before pictures as well!


Did you fall in love with the one of the rooms, a whole homes, or even pieces of art that you saw on our site or in person?

Well, now you can purchase any of the furniture in our amazing collection of designer picked furniture. Whether you are looking at one, all, or just some of the piece we have in a room or home, let us know and we can put together a quote for you.

  • Isn’t it Used?
    Yes and no. Most of the furniture used to stage our home’s is perfectly maintained and stored when it is not on display. Even when it goes out into the field, the Phoenix Rising collection never sees the wear and tear that most furniture sees in a single day.
  • Can You Order a Special Piece?
    Absolutely. We have the largest collection of furniture, art, and accessories of any home staging company in the Chicago area and can order almost any piece from our host of distributors and suppliers. Let one of our talented designers know what you are looking for and we can arrange the details.
  • How Much Does it Cost?
    Most of our pieces are available at a substantial discount over regular retail price. Whether you’re interested in a single piece or a whole house of art, accessories, and furniture, you’ll be saving on these handpicked designer pieces.

Under Contract in Just Two Days

Home staging can help a listing fly off the market. You can see how successful home staging can make any listing!

Check out this 2613 W Superior St , Chicago, Illinois 60612 that went under contract in just two days.