Hiring a Phoenix Rising Home Staging vs. Do-It-Yourself Staging?

Hiring a Phoenix Rising Home Staging vs. Do-It-Yourself Staging?

Hiring a Phoenix Rising Home Staging vs. Do-It-Yourself Staging?

You’ve seen enough shows on HGTV to know that you need to stage your house to sell it for top dollar. First, add a fruit basket to the kitchen, tidy, and add a piece of art. Second, maybe shake out the rugs, take down the pictures of the kids, and dog. Finally, remove that poster from 1998. Easy, done, home staged! Naturally, it sounds easy and looks easy. Normally, there is far more effort, knowledge, and resources that go into staging a home in Chicago. Let the home stagers from Phoenix Rising Home Staging take the stress off your shoulders!

Inventory and Resources

Phoenix Rising Home Staging has access to the largest warehouse and inventory of any staging company in Illinois. Our selection furniture, accessories, art, and rugs is massive. The inventory is constantly being updated with the most contemporary and cutting edge designs. Custom artwork and new accessories round out our staging arsenal. Furnishing a home from rugs to curtain rods and even throw pillows can cost thousands or tens-of-thousands dollars. By putting our warehouse to work for our staging clients, we can use the furniture we have and save them thousands. Even if we have to buy new pieces, we don’t pass that cost on. Home owners often use their existing pieces or have a limited budget to get new furniture to stage a home.

Chicago Real Estate Market Knowledge

Understanding the market and trends in design is key for a preparing a home to sell. The Phoenix Rising Home Staging team works with some of the best real estate agents in the region to stay on top of trends. This ranges from understanding how different pieces of furniture can influence the value a potential buyer sees in a property or the usage of that spare bedroom. Homeowners make use of the furniture and materials they have on-hand and often do not have the additional knowledge of how the market perceives different styles and looks.

Don’t Say Its “Cute”

Because our home stagers have years of experience as interior designers, Phoenix Rising Home Staging knows what buyers are looking for. Objectivity is a critical point in getting a home ready to sell. By maximizing a home’s features and minimizing its flaws, we can make sure that the home appeals to most buyers possible. Too often people who try to stage their own property run into the pitfalls of ‘quaint’ or ‘cute’ when such things don’t appeal to the largest groups of buyers. Let PRHS answer the question of, “is that right?” out and get your home ready to sell.

Online Appeal

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, over 90% of home buyers started their search on the internet. That means 90% of people looking for homes click through pictures on different real estate websites. Often, they are looking for properties that stand out. Phoenix Rising home stagers are used to working with agents and photographers. We get a property ready to stand out from the crowd online. With professional home staging, pictures pop out from the competition reaching more potential buyers.

With the pandemic limiting the number of showings a property might receive, make sure that your home pops out before anyone steps inside!

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