Staged Glencoe Mansion

Staged Glencoe Mansion

Staged Glencoe Mansion

This staged Glencoe Mansion is one of the first properties to get revisited by our Chicagoland home staging blog. Our talented designers chose each piece and placed them to highlight this property’s features.

This mansion languished on the market for months before the owner and agent entrusted it to our home stagers. First, the team combined skill with the home’s natural features. This combination lets them showcase the beautiful windows in the living spaces. Then, they used our large inventory with their knowledge. The pieces chosen from Phoenix Rising’s inventory perfectly accented the lighting to make this home pop.

Another factor is the designer’s attention to detail. By focusing on showing the potential buyers a way to use a room, they helped the buyers visualize living in and enjoying the property.

Check out the full gallery of pictures of this staged Glencoe mansion.

All of these pictures help a property stand out from the competition in online searches. In person, they are even more exciting!

If you are looking to stage a vacant mansion or an occupied condominium, know our designers will get the job done! Check out our reviews for what other people say about our work!

Contact us or call at 312-450-8365 today to schedule a free consultation!

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