Home Staging South Loop

Home Staging South Loop

Home staging South Loop properties helps potential buyers visualize enjoying and living in a home. Stunningly photogenic, staged homes garner the most attention on real estate websites and better showings. Home staging by PRHS helps sellers get more money, sell faster, and enjoy a smoother home selling experience.

Home Staging South Loop Benefits

With over 90% of home buyers start their search for a new home online, professional staging for a home in Addison makes it stand out from the competition.

Only one in ten home buyers can visualize utilizing an empty or cluttered room. With home staging, the other 90% of home buyers can visualize themselves living in and enjoying the space as their new home. Many buyers will note ‘bedroom 3’ and can’t figure out a use for the room and move on. With staging, buyers will have the chance to really ‘own’ a space inside a home, leading to a faster sense of ownership.

Why Phoenix Rising Home Staging for the South Loop?

Home staging South Loop properties is more than just taking down personal pictures, moving the beds, and centering the rugs. Phoenix Rising Home Staging understands the Chicagoland real estate market and will work with you and your designer to create the look and feel that appeals to the largest range of South Loop buyers. Initially, this process starts with a no-obligation staging consultation and proposal.

Once complete, a member of our interior design team will inspect your home to discover what features to highlight and what flaws to downplay. Second, the PRHS staff will choose furniture, art, and accessories from our huge warehouse to show your home in the most appealing manner. Next, the designer will supervise a team of furniture movers installing the furniture in your property. After that, we place art, accessories, and rugs to create a property that is appealing, inviting, and ready to sell. Finally, your home is ready for photography and walkthroughs.

Phoenix Rising Home Staging can work with any listing from 800 square foot condos to 10,000 homes to the 1,800 square foot town homes in between. Whether you are moving and leaving a vacant home for our designers or living in your home during the selling process, we’ll create a stunning transformation that will help your South Loop home sell for more, faster, and more smoothly!

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