Alternative E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Alternative E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Alternative E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Alternative e-learning spaces and home offices can help with important presentations. They afford stepping out of the routine, and sometimes just getting a little sunlight in our daily grind. Two weeks ago, we touched on two basics of minimizing distractions and choosing the right space for your space. Last week, we gave a quick rundown on organizing the workspaces. This short article covers a few different ways to step transform mundane into amazing.

Alternative E-Learning Spaces

Take advantage of schooling at home by letting your students learn anywhere. Activities like reading assignments, coloring, or even practicing for presentations let them relocate. You can let them move wherever they’d like in the home. Art and craft projects can even take place on the floor! If it is a nice day, students can even move out of doors and read or work in the backyard! As always, make sure that you can keep an eye on your learners as they take advantage of working in different spaces!

Outdoor Alternative E-Learning Spaces

Sitting outside can be a welcome break for your stuck-at-home students during the coronavirus. Illinois isn’t always known for cool summers or mild winters. The spring and fall both have plenty of pleasant days that your student can learn at home. Something as simple as a lap desk, a power outlet, and a WIFI signal can transform the patio table or three-seasons-room into a classroom. Take advantage of outdoor tables! Get your students out of the house and into the fresh air, even if recess would just involve running around the backyard.

Alternative Home Offices

Working from home can be a challenge for many. The distractions, the lack of social interactions, and of course the trap of your morning commute concluded with left the bedroom can only create problems. One of the ways to spice up working from home is to create

Power and Connectivity

Like we mentioned in last week’s article, power and connectivity are key to making a successful virtual work or study space. Always check to make sure that working or learning from home can happen. Ample power sources and decent bandwidth to your home WIFI make this a reality.

How Phoenix Rising Can Help?

Phoenix Rising Home Staging can create and prep any area, including outdoors, for use as a home office or e-learning space. Our talented home stagers and designers have experience in setting up home workspaces! Even if you aren’t selling your home, by putting together an alternative workspace we can make sure you or your student have all the tools in the right places. Contact us to discuss how we can help your home work or e-learning space.

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