E-Learning Spaces and Telecommuting

E-Learning Spaces and Telecommuting

E-Learning Spaces and Telecommuting

Home offices and e-learning spaces have been popping up in the news with employers and school districts looking to reduce the risks of the coronavirus. This short article covers two key concepts of creating a telecommuting or e-learning space.

Home Offices and E-Learning Spaces

Home staging and design in Chicago is constantly evolving. The coronavirus pandemic has only added to the changes in styles we see year-to-year. The pandemic has created a renewed interest in working from home and drawn an eye on students learning from home. With transition to online learning and working from home, it becomes more important than ever to take advantage of spaces in your home. If you are in the process of getting your ready to sell, helping potential buyers realize how spaces can be used helps your home stand out from the competition.

Its easy to call a spare bedroom or bonus room a home office, but what can you do to with other spaces?

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the right space is key! Selecting a room or area in your home that is quiet and receives the right amount of traffic. Some people thrive in solitude and prefer an area that is not brimming with family activity. Naturally, these types of people will do better in a room that is secluded and off the beaten trail. Other people enjoy being near or connected with others, for them a space near the hubs of the home might work very well. Either way, for students, it is important that parents are able to directly supervise and instruct their learners.

Minimize Distractions

Let’s face it, we all get distracted. Be it streaming our favorite Netflix shows, checking our feeds, or staying connected on social media, all of these can steal away our focus and attention (sometimes for hours… Tiger King). When working or learning from a home office the temptation can run deep to toss on an episode of Great British Baking Show in the background, it can be helpful to minimize this by choosing a workspace without easy access to a television. Phones and tablets can be a little harder. If a student is struggling with keeping on task, sometimes limiting their access to electronics while in their learning space can help keep them focused.

Up Next

Next week, we’ll tackle the terrors of what to store and where to store it for home workspaces and school spaces. We’ll also discuss the ‘desk’ of an e-learning and telecommuting space.

How Phoenix Rising Can Help?

Balancing it all can sound challenging. It can be, but Phoenix Rising Home Staging can help. Our talented home stagers and designers have experience in setting up home workspaces! Even if you aren’t selling your home, by taking capitalizing a home’s design features we can transform almost any space into a usable home office for classes or help you get set up for the new normal of working from home. Contact us to discuss how we can help enhance your home work or e-learning space.

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