Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Let’s tickle your fancy and talk about the master bedroom.
Typically and by definition, the bedroom is a place where we sleep.
Normally we sleep in a bed, but a bedroom is also multifunctional and a
room that should be designed towards romance, peacefulness, and a
room of comfort for yourself.

There are many ideas to consider while crafting the master bedroom,
but let’s talk about the “mood” you want to create for your personalized
space. Colors on the walls, fabric headboards for backdrops, and
drapery definitely breed an atmosphere of soothing, restful results or a
dramatic flare.

In particular with master bedrooms, the color on the walls is very
important. Color patterns and styles are fickle depending from year to
year, but I like to stick to a few colors that are my staples for the
bedroom. Below are some photos to view as examples. You can apply
other more vivid colors in additional areas of the house, but keep it
warm and relaxing in the master bedroom.

Painting is always the first thought, however, here is another option:
using wallpaper. As paint, wallpaper has the advantage of transforming
and changing your space. The world of wall finishes is vast and
customizable. Stay tuned and we will dive into more on colors with
painting and wallpaper. Til then….

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