Organizing E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Organizing E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Organizing E-Learning Spaces and Home Offices

Organizing e-learning spaces and home offices can turn failure into success. This short article covers two key concepts of setting up and organizing a telecommuting or e-learning space. Last week, we touched on two basics of minimizing distractions and choosing the right space for your space.

Organizing E-Learning Spaces

With a combination of traditional learning materials and virtual tools, e-learning workspaces can quickly become cluttered, messy, and sometimes sticky (paste) areas. Storing unused supplies out of sight (and sometimes out of reach) keeps students focused on task. Showing your stay-at-home student where everything goes can also help in cleaning up their workspace when it is time to change subjects or transform home classroom back to dining room. Arrange their books, supplies, and materials so they can find what they need and return it to the proper home. Schools will send out a list of materials that each class needs for the semester or year.

Where to Put It?

Bins, closets, baskets, and even shelves work for storing school supplies that aren’t in use at any one time. Keeping unused or seldom used materials tucked away makes the end of the school day clean-up a much faster process.

Organizing Home Offices

Disorganized home offices can quickly become cluttered, messy, and sometimes (hopefully less than school spaces) sticky (who hasn’t spilled some of their coffee?) areas. For many people this workspace has just been their laptop, however, with more time spent in home offices other office trappings have made their way home. Now, workers need to consider their calendars, notepads, pens, electronics, and reference materials at home.

Less is More

Having an overflowing pen cup, stacks of loose papers, six different notepads, tape, paintbrushes, enough sticky notes to roof a house, a laptop, and an iPhone on a desk doesn’t make it more efficient or help you get more done in your home office. Organize your desk based on what you use regularly being in easy reach. For materials that you don’t use often tuck them away.

The Workspace

This may be a table or desk. It is fine to use a table that serves multiple purposes – during meals it may be the kitchen table and at school time may transition to become the school desk. It is helpful to keep the work area clear of unrelated items so your student can spread out his or her work. Remember to include seating for both the parent and student.

Choosing the appropriate workspace or area aids in creating a successful home office or home classroom. For most households, this will be a table or desk. A desk is great, but a table can function just as well. Even the dinner table can become a school desk, transforming back for family dinners and occasions. One key concept to bear in mind is that the person working needs to be able to spread out to do their work. This doesn’t mean that doing math work needs a fifteen by five feet table to pull out a book, three folders, a pair of notebooks, a calculator, a laptop, seventeen pencils and a slide rule. It means that the person working or learning has enough room to get the job done. Sometimes, having too much space can lead to cluttering and distraction.

Power and Connectivity

When setting up either an e-learning space or home office, people have a tendency to forget both power and internet connection. Having a beautiful well-appointed home study that overlooks the perfectly manicured yard maybe great for poets and students studying from old tomes, but not so much in the world of tablets and laptops. Check that you have enough outlets for charging or powering devices. Verify that devices needing a wired connection can reach their connections. Finally,, make sure that if you are using WIFI, the signal strength is strong enough to facilitate people accessing online resources.

Up Next

Next week, we’ll cover the alternative study and work areas.

How Phoenix Rising Can Help?

By properly organizing your students’ e-learning spaces or home offices, you can help build your family up for success. Phoenix Rising Home Staging can help organize and prep an area for use. Our talented home stagers and designers have experience in setting up home workspaces! Even if you aren’t selling your home, by organizing a home’s design contents we can make sure you or your student have all the tools in the right places. Contact us to discuss how we can help your home work or e-learning space.

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