E-Learning Space Ideas Top 10 List

E-Learning Space Ideas Top 10 List

E-Learning Space Ideas Top 10 List

There are a lot of E-Learning Space Ideas and home office ideas to add to our material over the last few weeks. Here, we have highlighted some of the best ideas for the Chicagoland.

#10 Line It Up

Creating mutual workspaces can be a huge success for students (and adults) who are used to shared environment. Whether it is everyone in an office or everyone at the dinner table, take advantage of creating multiple user workspaces. Share supplies and help learning by creating interactive times for the ‘class’ and ‘office’ to work together.

#9 Home and Work (and School)

Whenever possible, separate work and home, and separate school and home ‘spaces’. This allows everyone in the home to have a clear mental break from the daytime business or study to evening family time.

#8 Organize

Make sure that all of the necessary supplies for either your home office or school space are available when they are needed. This includes lining up commonly used materials like notebooks, pens, paper, and digital items in easy to reach spaces and putting less commonly used items like scissors, construction paper, and index cards out of sight.

#7 Spread Out Space

Whether its a student creating the next Picasso as an art assignment or laying out a storyboard for a marketing campaign, make sure that home office and study spaces have enough room for the task at hand. If in doubt, clear off the kitchen table and spread out from there.

#6 Distractions and Action

Make sure that home office workers and students have the right amount of activity for their success. Some people thrive in being where the activity is while other do better in peace and quiet. Try to find the appropriate balance.

#5 Remove Distractions

Whether it is smartphones, TVs, our favorite shows to stream, or catching up on what friends are doing, limit the number of distractions in a home office setting or e-learning space. Even things like fidget-spinners or stretchy erasers can distract.

#4 Create Alternative Environments

Whenever possible, create alternative work or study environments. Simply moving from one room to another can break both children and adults out of the routine. If you don’t have an extra space for reading or working on something that requires deep concentration make sure to have the student or worker stretch their legs and ‘reset’ before moving to the next subject.

#3 The Desk

Creating a designated space for working or learning is key. Whether you are repurposing the kitchen table or have the luxury of a spacious home office, make sure the work area is designated and can be ‘put away’ at the end of the day.

#2 Check Power and Connectivity

Home office and e-learning space ideas sometimes forget the most important ‘physical components’ and those are power and connectivity. Both are necessary for maintaining communication with either the home office or school. Make sure to test whether the speeds are high enough for whatever activity you or your student need to complete.

#1 of Our Home Office and E-Learning Space Ideas List

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